Supporting Post-Traumatic Growth in the Face of Grief and Loss
With Cassie Yackley, Psy.D, PLLC

Sponsored by Rutland Housing Authority

Live Zoom Webinar:  Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 1:00-2:30 pm


Sadly, loss and grief are fundamental aspects of surviving a global pandemic, and we are all, simultaneously faced with coping with our own losses while supporting those around us who have experienced recent loss.  In this webinar, participants will explore losses associated with the global pandemic and will examine the difference between grief and mourning.  In supporting colleagues and residents who have experienced loss, people need strategies for managing grief; including how to talk to adults and children about death, knowing the differenced between providing sympathy vs. empathy, and how to establish rituals and routines in our settings to accommodate the many losses we’ve shared during the pandemic.  

Dr. Cassie Yackley is a master trainer and trauma-responsive practice content expert. Dr. Yackley has spent her professional career committed to understanding and effectively addressing the impact of traumatic exposure on children, families, and systems by bringing together recent discoveries from developmental neuroscience, attachment, & implementation science to help professionals learn how reflective practice leads to better working environments and outcomes for professionals and those they serve. 

Additional Sponsors:  
Vermont Housing Managers Association, 
Vermont Housing Finance Agency
New England Resident Service Coordinators, Inc.

Admission is FREE but you must register before noon on Monday, March 29, 2021. 

Questions? Email cassano@cathedralsquare.org 

1.5 Continuing Education Units issued by VHFA


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